Sustainability for Dummies

Updated: Jun 7

How To Be As Sustainable As Possible, Without Being Stressed About It!

On this first blog post on JuJe we want to share how you can live a more sustainable life without it being a factor that restricts your daily life - because it actually dosen't have to be!



Sort your trash in these categories:

- Metal, glass & plastic

- Paper and cardboard

- Food waste

When you do something so simple as sort your waste, you are contributing to not only an easier job for the waste collectors, but you are also contributing to reuse age of non-biodegradable materials like plastic.

It's very low effort with very high effect!

Recycle options:


Non governmental organisations to support:

- Greenpeace

What they do: Exposes global environmental problems and force solutions for a more green future.

- The Ocean Cleanup

What they do: Removes plastic and other damaging materials from Earths biggest ecosystem; the oceans.

- World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

What they do: Works on ending the degradation of the planets natural environment and habitats.

- Stand for Trees

What they do: Fights global deforestation and protects the forests and jungles - which also protects habitats of millions of species. They also plant extra trees which are vital since they stabilise the soil, stores carbon and gifts us oxygen.

- The Great Barrier Reef

What they do: Works on protecting the biggest coral reef on the planet. Keeping the coral reef alive not only keeps the wildlife alive since it's habitat for many species, but also works as an ecosystem to bind and remove carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.

- People for te Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

What they do: Fighting for and protecting the rights of animals and are aiming to stop animal cruelty, skinning, fur factories and more once and for all.


Educate yourself on Earths situation and concerns. Now this dosen't mean that you should go take a graduate degree in environmental studies! It means something so simple as just having interest in the subject.

This results in reading blogs like this one! Or reading the news, follow a hashtag on instagram and so much more.

These small things have a goal of educating people and making people aware and also gathering people to sign or donate for different causes.


Sharing your knowledge you've gotten from educating yourself around friends and family or through social media actually has way bigger effect than you might think! Something so simple as telling your friend for example "hey have you heard about Greenpeace?" or "I heard that PETA are aiming to stop fur factories, we should donate!" is the exact way to get the word spread out and collect more people to donate or sign.

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