About JuJe


JuJe is a fashion and beauty brand founded by Julie Jensen from Denmark.

JuJe is a brand with focus on sustainability and environmental values.

We offer natural vegan and cruelty-free skincare and unique sustainable fashion.

With every purchase a percentage will go to NGO's like Greenpece, World Wildlife Fund and Stand for trees.

We hope that the word will get spread through this business.

At the moment we are still starting up this business which can be costfull, so therefore we don't have a lot of products. The products you see on our website these days are temporarily set as fundraisers to grow JuJe.

The GREEN & LIVING concept

Our concept is already kind of explained up above, however I would like to go into a little detail.
When I - Julie, the founder of JuJe - started working on this business idea, I wanted it to make sense for me personally but also for the world, and very easily the concept was born. 

Basically I don't only have HUGE interest in fashion & skincare and love designing etc, I also have interest in something thats very niche.

AND combining that with my huge love for our earth and interest in sustainability, I came up with the concept off using a niche market to spread the word - have a brand people actually would enjoy without the reasoning only being donations to NGO's.

Our brand is not only GREEN but also LIVING.

Our clothing

when chic meets street

Our clothing is a ethically made little cocktail of styles - the chic clean-cut look and the underground street type of look - a little bit for everyone!

We stay as much as possible away from materials that many actually find sustainable but aren't; such as recycled polyester for example. 

Recycling polyester is done through melting down existing plastic and then re-spinning it into new polyester fibre.

Although recycling plastic sound like a indisputable good idea, it's actually far from sustainable. Here's one reason why: 

Recycled polyester basically gives a second life to a non-biodegradable material - plastic, which would otherwise end up going from landfill to ocean.

The polyester there's in a few of our products is reused which is better than newly made polyester - however we are working on slowly replace it with more sustainable materials.

Sustainable materials we use (amongst other things):

  • GOTS Cotton (100%) - organic certified cotton known by the GOTS label. This label shows that the manufacturing process hasn't used toxic fertilisers or pesticides which are harmful to not only the environment but also the workers. An NGO called The Better Cotton Initiative supports farmers across the globe to care for water, soil health and natural habitats with certain specifications. 

  • Wool - a renewable, durable, biodegradable and all-in-all sustainable material. We of course only work with sheep farms that have adequate welfare standards.

  • Linen - a durable fabric made from fibres of the flax plant. This material requires much less water to produce than many other materials and it is good for soil health.

  • Aluminum - Aluminium is arguably the most sustainable building material in the world and is also highly recyclable. The recycling process creates high quality aluminium which loses none of the physical properties of primary aluminium and also uses just 5% of the energy it takes to create primary aluminium. This is why aluminium in generally regarded as the worlds most sustainable building material.

Sources for knowledge by: bbcearth.com, duration.co.uk

Our skincare - JuJeGlow

Our skincare is made with nothing but love.

We have made sure that all of our skincare is:​

  • Organic certified -  ingredients are grown with no herbicides or pesticides and free from contamination

  • Fairtrade - working with countries that needs a better income, with a general better work environment while of course taking the environment into consideration  

  • Cruelty free - no animal testing

  • Vegan - no animal byproducts, ingredients are ethically sourced

  • Palm free - no palm oil. Farming palm oil can cause deforestation in the rainforest and thereby cause animals their home. 
    We use a wax called canaubawax - the vegan alternative to bees wax.
    Carnauba wax is an extremely useful natural renewable resource. It is harvested from the leaves of the Carnauba palm which is only grown in certain regions of Brazil. It should not be confused with palm oil palms grown in Southeast Asia. 
    This wax is harvested following traditional procedures. Palm leaves are cut and dried in the sun. The wax is then obtained from a film powder that coats the leaves. After cutting the leaves, the trees then continue to grow new leaves until the next harvest.

    The process does not damage the trees and the use of carnauba wax creates an economic incentive to keep these trees standing.

  • Fragrance & perfume free - no allergic reactions or irritation (any allergens that may occur 
    will be noted on the specefic product page)

  • Soap free - no changing of the skins natural pH or stripping of healthy bacteria and natural (and vital) oils

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